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Your Friend in the Hot Water Business.

Everyone needs a friend now and then. Or at least someone who treats you like a friend when the need arises.


Take KP Hotflo, for example. We’re ready now and always to serve you as we would a family member or personal friend…with timely, focused and dedicated service for any residential or commercial hot water need.



Before we tell you more about services and service extras, we’d like to tell you a little about show we are. KP Hotflo is an integral part of Kalamunda Plumbing Group, a company thousands have relied on – and continue to do so – for a wide range of plumbing services. Founded in 1954, Kalamunda Plumbing Group (KPG) became actively involved in hot water services in 1992, and we’ve never looked back. Owned and operated by the Jones family, we are now in our third generation of continuous operation.


So why did we feel the need for a separate and dedicate hot water service website? Honestly, there’s just to much to tell and squeeze into the KPG website. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on the KPHW site:


• We have hands-on experience as authorised dealers and distributors of major brands of solar water heaters including Solahart, Rheem, Edwards, Beasley, Rinnai, and Solargain.

. When it comes to your family’s hot water needs, we believe you should have ready access to hot water specialists, who are familiar with local gas pressures and types (LP gas bottles or Natural Gas), and know which type of solar water heater or heat pump is best for certain applications.


• We are skilled in all facets of water heater maintenance, repair, and installation.


• We can help you choose what’s best from all available options, including solar water heaters and heat pumps.


• In all instances, we give you honest, straightforward advice. Plus, our quotes are “all inclusive” and are based either on a comprehensive and FREE “on-site” assessment, or first-hand experience in maintaining your existing water heater. Our only “agenda” s to ensure your complete satisfaction and uninterrupted indoor comfort.


• Should you opt for either an upgrade of your existing gas or electric water heater to solar, or replace an existing solar water heater with a new solar system, solar rebates through STC’s (Small Technology Certificates) are still available to help offset the cost. Equally important, KP Hotflo will deduct the value of STCs from the installed price and handle the claim for you. The exceptions are: corporations, “supply only,” or when a solar system is fitted to a new home as a “plonk on”.


• When we install a new water heater in your family’s home, you’ll receive a FREE water heater inspection every year thereafter to help keep it in top working order. You just have to call to request it.


What’s more, just for inviting us into your home for a free water heater analysis and new system quote, we can also perform a whole-of-home plumbing inspection at no charge to you.


All things considered, we have enough to offer regarding hot water service that we felt a dedicated web site was required to tell the full story. And now, here it is:

Even if you don’t currently need our services, we invite you to bookmark our website for ready access should the need arise. After all, it could at any time.


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