Heat Pump Water Heater

heat1How Would You Like to Save up to 75% on the Cost to Heat Your Water?

Who wouldn’t, right? The difference is this: not everyone can deliver such a desirable end result. But we can:  KP Hotflo.

Heat pump water heaters are one such means at our disposal. And while we recommend and install Quantum systems, we maintain and repair all other makes and models.

Let’s look at what a heat pump system can do for you:

What Makes a Heat Pump Water Heater Different?

Just for the record, hot water heat pumps are not the same as solar water heaters, either though there are some who would tell your otherwise. While solar systems rely on the power of the sun to heat your water, heat pump models draw heat from the air around them. That means no sun needed. Which further means that day or night, rain or sunshine, your Quantum heat pump water heater – expertly installed by KP Hotflo – will just keep working and working. Equally important, it will be working to slash your water heater utility costs by 50-75% when compared to electric and LPG gas units.

Electric water heaters, by comparison, account for about 30% of all the electricity generated by your family. In fact, they draw more electricity than the rest of your appliances combined.

heat2 More to Love About a Heat Pump Water Heater

  • Quantum heat pump water heaters work in temperatures from as low as -10°C up to 40°C with no boosting required. That means you can look forward to reducing your utility costs and your carbon footprint at the same time.
  • Quantum system have the highest recovery rate of any heat pump on the market. That means you won’t run out of hot water, even during periods of peak demand.
  • Even poor water conditions can’t adversely affect your Quantum system since water never makes contact with the system’s internal components.

Request a Free On-Site Water Heater Needs Analysis & Proposal

Is a heat pump water heater the best possible choice for your family, home and budget?

KP Hotflo is on hand to answer that question to a high degree of certainty, and all for your ultimate peace of mind. With KP Hotflo, you also get:

  • Experience dating back to 1954
  • A world of water heater expertise
  • Expert system design and installation
  • Service and repairs for all makes and models
  • Free whole-of-home plumbing inspection simply for allowing us to come into your home to discuss your family’s hot water needs.

KP Hotflo. The company that guarantees your satisfaction. Contact us for a free in-home hot water needs analysis and proposal today.


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